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From Passion Project!
Welcome to Veludo Way!

Fun awaits you in Japan's theatre heartland.

To the shining bright stage with you!

In the streets of Veludo Way, the audience is introduced to Hannari Company--a once glorious company that lost its shine. After getting the owner’s wicked hands off the company, you find yourself being the new director and owner of Hannari. Together with Cilahntro and Kanae, it’s up to you three to find new faces to bring Hannari Company back to its former glory.

Get a look behind the scenes as you the director witness your own growth with your actors and staff!

Will you successfully save Hannari Company? Or will you let it fall before you?

You and I will rock this world together.

SA!NT is an idol group under Eden Enterprises and L&B Productions. Being self-produced idols, each member brings their own set of skills, from dance to singing to rapping, which makes for a very interesting sound. They're known for their vibrant personalities and unique concepts, inspired by Catholicism.

The primary goal of SA!NT is to create a positive influence on society, but it doesn't seem like it when you discover what's really going on behind the scenes...

About Passion Project!

Passion Project is a group of friends who made Hannari Company and SA!NT. Both occur in the same universe and timeline as the actor training mobile game A3!.